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  • Connect with your Audience through Social Media

    Share your expertise by combining the power of a blog with other social media networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Promote your business, interact directly with potential clients, and build trust amongst your readers. Turn strangers to friends, friends to fans, and fans to followers, you never know where your next customer may come from.

  • Social Networking Made Easy

    Networking is a critical component to any business, just as social media networking is critical to any internet marketing campaign. Not only will participating in social networks increase your exposure online, it will also enhance your reputation as an expert in your field.

  • Establish yourself as an Expert Authority

    How do you penetrate through the noise? Apply value to your business beyond the value of your competitors, that’s how! Sharing information and interacting with potential clients in real time breaks down barriers and establishes real, lasting and of course profitable relationships. Let’s get Social! Contact us now and get connected with one of our Social Media plans.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Imagine you could sit down with all of your customers and tell them what’s new, or show off that new product you’re excited to launch.

Imagine if you could just reach out and, at the press of a button, get invaluable information about how you can improve your product or service.

Wouldn’t that just be the bees-knees?

Well, with Social Media Marketing can do exactly that. It’s like having an informal chat around the fire so you can keep everyone up on the latest in your business, get valued feedback, or perhaps just share something you thought was interesting.

Participating in social networks is an opportunity for you to connect with new customers and establish what you’re all about, sometimes even before the first transaction. We use SMM to showcase your knowledge, share information, and position you as the “go-to” expert in your field.

People trust their social networks.  If your business is recommended by a friend on Facebook or a respected Twitter user with a loyal following, those people are effectively lending the credibility they have established with their network, to you.

Gone are the days of customers navigating ten levels of impersonal phone menus to get the answer to a simple question. They’ll go online to look for the answer and, what do you know, up pops one of your social media profiles.  Now is your chance to lend a hand and offer the info they need in a less formal setting.

Look at you… aren’t you the popular one!

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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

When SEO hit the mainstream the goal was to use your website to drive traffic to, well, your website. The idea was that anything you could do to improve your site in the eyes of the search engines would then increase your search engine ranking, and thus, traffic. Once you had them on your site you could then convert surfers into sales. That’s still true today, but now there’s another form of optimization to consider; Social Media Optimization.

Social Media Optimization is about optimizing your message to the masses – it’s about setting the tone for your business and providing the information that your customers want and value. The key to doing this well is by crafting a message that makes the most of every interaction.

That’s why we always have our ear to the ground. Our job is to not only make sure that your messages get out there, but to ensure that you’re saying the right things, no matter which platform you’re broadcasting from.

Now don’t go thinking this a one-way street. The goal is to create a community within your social network.  We make it easy for your customers to chat about their favourite products or share your latest blog post, you name it. Get everyone involved by encouraging your followers to get in on the action.

Like any marketing strategy, your SMO plan needs to be defined, strategized and optimized to achieve the best result.

You need to know where the conversation is going, and we’re great conversationalists.

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Power of the People

Last year’s answer to the question – what do you think of Old Spice? – was “smells like my Dad.” Ask again today and the answer is “Look again… the tickets are now DIAMONDS!”

A YouTube ad campaign went viral after Old Spice posted a hilarious commercial and responded to users’ Twitter and YouTube responses with new personalized videos. The 183 videos had 11 million views in only 3 days. Traditional media just doesn’t have the reach or virility (fancy way of saying you can easily share with your friends) that social sites do. When videos and memes reach the kind of critical mass Old Spice Man did they’re damn near impossible to avoid.

It’s easy to forward a link to a friend, less so to drive over to their house and hand them a newspaper.  But, viral marketing campaigns like this don’t just happen – they’re created with intent and focus, and you can only benefit being ready. We’ll help you build an online community of fan, followers and friends to help spread your message across the internet. And even more important, we’re ready to show you how to ride the wave when something on your site goes viral and takes on a second life of its own.

Surf’s up.

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