Intelligent Website Design

Professionalism matters. If you want to sell something online, the quality of your product or service will be judged by how your website looks. Retail brick-and-mortar shops can set up location in a fancy neighbourhood, or in a trendy mall to establish a perceived “value”.

On the web, your site is you, it’s your business, and how it looks and acts the first time someone visits is what they will remember about you. Now if your website doesn’t act the part, it’s kind of like walking into the first business meeting with your fly open. You want your website and your marketing to match the quality of the product or service you provide. The level of professionalism your website shows is directly proportional to what you can charge for your products or services.

You see this all the time: brand names cost more than the generic version not because the product quality is different, but because the packaging is better or the name of the label is that trusted familiar friend who’s been by your side since childhood.  If you look like a big deal, people are going to treat you like a big deal.

That’s where intelligent web design can work for you.