Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Location, location, location!  What if you had the opportunity to be the first, second, or third business people see every single time they look for your product or service? That’s like being on every street corner, in every city around the world. That’s SEO!

No matter how cutting edge your website may be, customers still need to find it. Search Engine Optimization is the map that helps search engines find your website, determine its relevance, and offer it up to the people searching for a relevant product or service. Whether you’re looking to attract new international clients, or looking for customers a little closer to home, search engine optimization is your real estate agent making sure you have the best possible location.

Good SEO is seamless like the cuts between shots in your favourite movie; it enhances your content without being distracting, or even noticed at all. SEO is the business of targeting the words searchers use most often to describe the product or service they are looking for on the internet.  The keywords that best describe your business are sprinkled throughout your website to enrich your content and offer useful information, while stealthily attracting the notice of the search engines.

The results are “ranking” in the search engines.  The stronger your SEO Kung-Fu, the higher the ranking.  Of course there’s many other factors that come into play such as link building, page rank, and mini-net creation, but you let us worry about that.

Let’s start putting you on those street corners today.