Social Media Optimization (SMO)

When SEO hit the mainstream the goal was to use your website to drive traffic to, well, your website. The idea was that anything you could do to improve your site in the eyes of the search engines would then increase your search engine ranking, and thus, traffic. Once you had them on your site you could then convert surfers into sales. That’s still true today, but now there’s another form of optimization to consider; Social Media Optimization.

Social Media Optimization is about optimizing your message to the masses – it’s about setting the tone for your business and providing the information that your customers want and value. The key to doing this well is by crafting a message that makes the most of every interaction.

That’s why we always have our ear to the ground. Our job is to not only make sure that your messages get out there, but to ensure that you’re saying the right things, no matter which platform you’re broadcasting from.

Now don’t go thinking this a one-way street. The goal is to create a community within your social network.  We make it easy for your customers to chat about their favourite products or share your latest blog post, you name it. Get everyone involved by encouraging your followers to get in on the action.

Like any marketing strategy, your SMO plan needs to be defined, strategized and optimized to achieve the best result.

You need to know where the conversation is going, and we’re great conversationalists.