Video Blogs (VLogs)

Your blog helps your customers get to know you and is a great medium to build trust, but in the fast-paced internet landscape you’re competing with lots of other content for eye time.

People respond better to videos blogs because you can connect using various stimuli to engage your viewer. They can just sit back and enjoy the show. It’s also a chance for them to get to meet you before they even use your product or service for the first time. We know the best videos don’t look like television or ads, they tell a story.

Humans have told stories since the dawn of time, and the Internet is just one more way for us to get your story out. People relate to stories because we’re hardwired to get caught up in a good yarn. Telling a story, whether it’s how you got started or something new at your business, helps your customers identify with you.

Sharing your knowledge and offering information the viewer can use gives them a reason to keep coming back, or share it with their friends. We’ll help you find the right story, and the best way to tell it, whether it’s simply you and the camera, a tour of your business or a cool animation. The one minute vlog you post today could be viewed by hundreds next week.

Are you ready for your close up?