Nobody watches television commercials anymore, at least not if they have to! TiVo, PVRs and streaming media are cutting the commercials out of our shows and out of our daily lives for good. They’re dying, and before you know it the “TV commercial” will be in a museum next to an eight track waiting to be dusted.

Don’t get me wrong, the networks will continue to make millions for now by selling air time during their most popular shows; and good for them.  But Videomercials are rising from the ash of the old school television commercial by going where your customers are spending their time: online. Now, you can play like the big boys. We’ll reach your audience without spending the time and money involved in getting airtime on TV.

We’re pioneers in this shiny new medium and we make videomercials that people actually want to watch. We’ll place your videomercial on the sites that your customers use everyday to keep your message on the tip of their tongues. People love to share on the internet, and a funny or unique videomercial can make the rounds faster than you can say “I can’t believe it’s not butter.”

It’s time for you to start playing like the big boys, only smarter.