Power of the People

Last year’s answer to the question – what do you think of Old Spice? – was “smells like my Dad.” Ask again today and the answer is “Look again… the tickets are now DIAMONDS!”

A YouTube ad campaign went viral after Old Spice posted a hilarious commercial and responded to users’ Twitter and YouTube responses with new personalized videos. The 183 videos had 11 million views in only 3 days. Traditional media just doesn’t have the reach or virility (fancy way of saying you can easily share with your friends) that social sites do. When videos and memes reach the kind of critical mass Old Spice Man did they’re damn near impossible to avoid.

It’s easy to forward a link to a friend, less so to drive over to their house and hand them a newspaper.  But, viral marketing campaigns like this don’t just happen – they’re created with intent and focus, and you can only benefit being ready. We’ll help you build an online community of fan, followers and friends to help spread your message across the internet. And even more important, we’re ready to show you how to ride the wave when something on your site goes viral and takes on a second life of its own.

Surf’s up.