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Modern Website Designs

  • Beauty and the User Experience.

    We understand that our clients need a website for their business, not just for fun. We put emphasis not only on how a website looks, but how it performs, and how well it achieves your business objectives. Whether it’s web design for a small business, a corporate site, or a fully functional e-commerce machine; FreeFlow has the solution.

  • A Rich Multi-Media Environment.

    Flash animation, “videomercials”, and professional photo galleries are just some of the multi-media attractions designed to grab the users’ attention and deepen their interest in our clients business. FreeFlow stays at the cutting edge to enhance our clients’ website with the most relevant technology in the industry.

  • The Centerpiece of your Online Marketing Efforts.

    Tailored to our clients’ artistic preferences and guided by our professional insight, your website is the very centerpiece of your online presence. FreeFlow Marketing has a reputation for delivering excellence from the aesthetic, to the cutting edge tools we use. Have questions? Contact us for a free consultation now!

Intelligent Website Design

Professionalism matters. If you want to sell something online, the quality of your product or service will be judged by how your website looks. Retail brick-and-mortar shops can set up location in a fancy neighbourhood, or in a trendy mall to establish a perceived “value”.

On the web, your site is you, it’s your business, and how it looks and acts the first time someone visits is what they will remember about you. Now if your website doesn’t act the part, it’s kind of like walking into the first business meeting with your fly open. You want your website and your marketing to match the quality of the product or service you provide. The level of professionalism your website shows is directly proportional to what you can charge for your products or services.

You see this all the time: brand names cost more than the generic version not because the product quality is different, but because the packaging is better or the name of the label is that trusted familiar friend who’s been by your side since childhood.  If you look like a big deal, people are going to treat you like a big deal.

That’s where intelligent web design can work for you.

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Functional Website Development

Web development breaks down into two parts: front-end and back-end. The front-end is your conduit to your customers, and the back-end is how you use it. Just think of it as what your customers see, and how easy it is for you to use.

What visitors see when they stop by your site tells them who you are as a business and sends a message about the quality of your service and product. A well developed website encourages your customers to stick around and learn more about what you can do for them. If your site is easy to navigate, customers will want to get to know you because you’re inviting them to participate in the business process as a partner. On the other hand, a poorly developed website leaves customers frustrated and chases them away like a hoard of angry peasants with torches.

On the flip side, your website has to be just as easy for you to use. Back-end design isn’t pretty. It’s usually created by guys who spend their spare time watching Star Trek with one eye and coding Nintendo DS emulators with the other.  But believe us when we say that a well-organized back-end is vital to your business. When you have something important to tell the world you don’t want to be bogged down by html and confusing menus – you just want to get the word out.

Let us help you start spreading the news.

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Hassle Free Website Services

You know how to run your business, that’s what makes you successful. But unless you’re a web developer, you probably don’t know much about running a website. That’s okay, because honestly, you don’t need to.

We’ll stick handle all of the nitty gritty details from registering your site to creating content that will engage your visitors and turn them into customers. Already have a site you say? Great!  We’ll keep what you like and find new ways to handle the things you don’t.

Technology gives you a chance to hook your customers before they even meet you. They can surf your site on their iPhones during the morning commute and call to set up a meeting by lunch.  As technology changes, so too will the needs of your website.  Just think of us as the best friend who gently tells you when last season’s sweater won’t do. We’ll make sure you’re always looking your sharpest!

As your business grows, we’ll be there to help you scale each step of the way. And when you need maintenance, or a quick update, a team of geeky programmers will be deployed from their basement lairs and quickly dispatched to tune you up.  We’ll do everything to make your online business as stress free as possible.

You take care of your business; we’ll take care of the rest.

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