Blogs can provide vital information to stay up to date on all the latest news and guidelines to understanding and using web services. Follow these blogs to learn more about the various roles web services, SEO, web design, and social media has on any business.

Speckyboy –

Speckyboy mostly focuses on web design and development. It’s an online magazine for designers and helps them share helpful resources and how to explore new techniques. There are many tips for development and design work in this magazine. Part of its focus on design and development goes with graphic design, photoshop, and WordPress.

ProgrammableWeb –

ProgrammableWeb is one of the leading sources of news and information about APIs. It chronicles the evolution of API and provides some of the internet’s most relied on API directory. Keep up with all the latest news on what’s interesting with ProgrammableWeb. Blog –

MindK Blog is all about web and mobile development. On this blog, readers can get insight on everything needed for web and mobile applications and it is successful. They are also a web and mobile app development company that builds reliable solutions for business web services and start-ups. – posts articles on Angular, digital marketing, Linux administration, Mobile Development, Python, and SEO. They stand as a technology blog with guidelines and tips on everything web related. The main purpose of the blog is to review web technology and to provide the latest technology news.

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